Avery Black, Avery Jane – Takes You on a Mesmerizing Seductive Mindfuck HD 720p

limp - 4843 Avery Black

limp - 4843 Avery Black.mp4

He decides to break into her bedroom (he’s also been practicing lock-picking) late at night in order to catch her off-guard. She freaks out at him of course. “Oh my god! What are you doing in here? Don’t you know how to knock? I thought I told you not to bother me…like AT ALL…and never to talk to me in our apartment. Hmmmph! This is my PRIVATE SPACE and you are NOT supposed to be here.” Nag nag nag. He cuts to the chase.

“WHAT? What could you possibly need to show me in the middle of the night? And you better not say your cock.” She rolls her eyes. “A magic trick? You want to entrance me? You know what…whatever. If it gets you to leave and you promise you’ll never talk to me ever again, then fine. Get it over with.” She’s as bitchy as ever, but at least he got her to agree. He pulls out his pocket watch and tells her to look at it.

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