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ClaraDomme spends the day teasing, encouraging & counting down her horny foot guy. Obviously this isn’t a 24hr video… more of a highlights reel condensed into small moments from a full day of feet adventures. We’re looking at 5 separate vignettes (lasting 2.5 – 3 mins)… brief scenes within a single day, seducing the viewer with your bare soles in POV style. Hopefully it wont be too annoying but I especially love your JO hand movements. And you could be slightly covert for the “in public” scenes –ONE Location 1- maybe living room couch (book to be returned to library visible on coffee table). Hanging out at home before going out. “Good morning! I’m so glad you could come over and spend the day with me… we’re gonna have so much fun together” You immediately start teasing – feet out on the coffee table with soles pointed right at the viewer… simulated hand stroking and in the final moments, you’re giving a cum countdown. “Ok lets go return this to the library!” –TWO Location 2- “the library” (could be as simple as a dining room table with a few books stacked on it or in front of a bookcase. You could be reading a book. Being at the library you’re all whispery but you look around and get your feet out and its “Oh look what Ive got for you again…” Hand stroking gestures / countdown to release. Then its.. “ok lets go home.” –THREE Location 3– back at the house but the setting is up to you. I just like the idea that you have a feather… maybe some rope/bondage stuff (“look what I found!&rdquo and use it to sensually tickle your feet while encouraging the viewer. No need to tie yourself up too much you could just wrap it around your ankles a few times… you don’t have to laugh or get crazy. Maybe a little giggle but mostly its just talking about tickling & sensually moving a tickley finger around or a feather, knowing how turned on he gets. Countdown to release. “Now let’s go to dinner, Im starving.” –FOUR Location 4- “the spicy dinner” revisited (table with a tablecloth.. maybe some wne or a candle) Your feet peek through the tablecloth & its “I don’t care who’s looking – you’re gonna take it out & stroke for me right now. Lets go – my feet are waiting” You make hand stroking gestures & countdown to release. (I love what did last time… you could do something similar or surprise me with a new background or your feet moving above the tabletop… whatever you think is fun m/sexy) “Let’s get the check and go home… I’m tired” –FIVE Location 5– back home – bedroom. Evening so its a little dark. Lamp on to give the impression of night. You’re under the covers – you’re tired. Its been a long day but you you pull back the covers revealing your soles so he can stroke to your tootsies one last time. “I hope you had fun with me today – Goodnight!” stroking gestures & countdown to release”

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