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I walk into my step-daughter’s bedroom to ask her if she is ready to eat lunch, but Gracie ends up confessing to me that she’s sad because her boyfriend broke up with her! She tells me that she wanted to have sex with him, and she was especially curious about anal sex, but her boyfriend wanted to remain a virgin and chose to break up with her instead of have sex with her. She starts to strip naked in front of me, because she wants to seduce me into having anal sex with her! She reminds me that I’m just her step-dad, so it isn’t that weird. She gets into the doggystyle position and I shove my cock in her pussy first. She tells me that she wants to try anal sex, but that my cock feels good in her pussy so she wants to keep getting her pussy fucked first! After a few minutes, we are both ready to switch to her ass hole. I slowly shove my cock in her ass, since she is an anal virgin. She loves every minute of it, and we promise each other that we won’t tell her step-mom or her ex-boyfriend about this!

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