Josette Duval – Hypno fuck office babe when she speak with her husband HD 720p

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My husband is talking with me when I am getting ready for work. He’s suspicious again! He thinks that because my office hired my old college boyfriend that he’s after me. My sweet husband wants to protect our relationship, isn’t that cute? I don’t think so. I detest a wimpy man with no confidence. I need a strong, confident man with a playful and wicked streak, someone like.. well, someone like my old college boyfriend. I’d divorce my chump of a husband in a second if it wasn’t for the inheritance he’s getting from his wealthy and very sick grandma. I just have to wait until the old bird kicks off, the money goes into our account, and then I’ll leave him. Until then I have to pull off the performance of my lifetime, I lie to my husband to reassure him, I tell him, “We dated when I was in college, we were so young then, you know that YOU are my husband now, my love, and my future.”

My ex boyfriend is waiting for me in the office. We’ve fucked last week, and he’s hungry for me again, I know that look on his face. My husband calls, he must hear something in my voice, and then he hears another person in the room. I lie and tell him it’s my female co worker. My ex boyfriend playfully kisses my neck, undresses me, and I try to get off the phone. I want to fuck him so bad, I’ve been thinking about it since we last hooked up, but my suspicious husband will not get off the phone with me. He says, “I’m coming to your office, I’ll take you on break.” I assert myself “you will not make a fool of me by making a scene.”

I look up at my boyfriend and I can tell he is turned on that I am talking to my chump husband on the phone. He starts to kiss me, tease me with the head of his hot, bulbous cock. I try my hardest to hold back my pleasure moans when he touches me. I bite my lip, I furrow my brow, when he enters my pussy. I try my hardest not to make a sound! I can’t take it anymore and I start to moan in pleasure. I am a clever woman, and I am able to talk it through, even though I am being fucked so good by my ex guy. He cums in my pussy. My poor husband, my unaware cuckold, has no clue.

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