Josette Duval – My Sister transformation in Vampire and Fuck Me HD 720p

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Includes: Increased beauty: vision, lips, cheeks, breast expansion, ass expansion, clit to dick growth

It all started when the Calculus teacher was failing John, the dreamiest guy in school. I offered to tutor him, but quickly realized he didn’t want to learn, he just wanted me to do the work for him. We’ve had the same routine for months. I greet his step-mother at the door, walk upstairs to his bedroom where he barely looks at me, I drop off his finished homework and leave. I’m invisible to him, but I’ve tried to change that. I’ve starved myself losing 30 pounds! I’m wearing mini dresses like the gorgeous girls he pays attention to instead of flannel shirts and jeans. I’ve let my hair out of my bun, and even got three tattoos when I saw him go on a date with Krissy Taylor, the pretty punky chick in my homeroom class. God, I want him so bad. I dream of him. He must be mine.
After all of these changes, I am still invisible, he barely thanks me anymore when I drop off his backpack. Did I mention I got tattoos for him?! Just like Krissy’s?! I have one last plan, a sort of love potion that I bought from the elderly woman who sells curiosities and antiques downtown. The lady was kind but strange, she warned me to take it without fear of consequence. “Consequence?” I have nothing to lose, what sort of consequence could face a desperate girl?

I walk in, his step-mother was gone today– perfect opportunity to profess my love! I walk upstairs, my combat boots feeling heavier with each step, I knock and he doesn’t reply. Typical, he’s so wrapped up into his video game. I open the door cautiously and drop his book bag, he still doesn’t look at me. I sneak over, mustering all the courage within and sit next to him. My heart is pounding to be so near to him! “Can I have a hug?” I can’t believe I had the nerve to be so bold!

“Maybe next time,” he looks back at his game. I am furious, enraged! “I’ve been doing your homework for months, the least you could do is give me a hug. I…I.. didn’t even ask for a kiss!” “Thanks,” he flatly replies. I put my head in my hands, I feel a ringing in my ears. I am so upset. I rush to the bathroom where the change starts.

I am sweating.. something is changing within me. I feel moist between my legs, sweat drips between my tiny breasts, and then I feel them swell. My skin stretches thin as my breasts fill. I watch in horror and grasp my rear, “Oh, God! My flat, skinny ass is expanding!” Sweat pours from me and I take off my dress desperate for relief. My clit begins to tingle, throb, and oh.. my clit is so sensitive. I moan. It grows, grows, grows, ripping my panties, already pulled taut from my expanding rear. My gums ache. I take off my glasses and see perfectly. I am in shock, feeling pain and pleasure as my gums ache. I watch my teeth grow into into fangs, sharp, pointy. hunger, I look down at my throbbing member. I am hungry to have him. He WILL be mine!

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