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limp - 5043 Mind Controlled My Bitch Wife.mp4

So my wife, Bess, is super hot. But she is a total lazy cunt bitch. She never wants to have sex with me, she never cleans my clothes or irons my work shirts. As far as her cooking skills? She couldn’t cook a fucking pop tart. Did I mention that she never lets me watch what I want to watch on TV. It’s always the fucking Handmaid’s Tale. Well today is different, I’ve been working on a special micro chip that allows the user to control someone’s mind. Watch me use it on my smoking hot wife with natural tits. I finally get to be in control and she does whatever I tell her. I even let the foreign delivery driver feel her tits.. I was just about to make her suck his cock because she hates giving head. But unfortunately the micro chip fell out. I gotta really make this thing work and prefect it otherwise I’m gonna be screwed for the rest of my life with this bitch. I’m sure some of you fellas know exactly what I’m talking about.

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