The Velvet Dungeon – Cindi Mindless Robot SD mp4

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Cindi returns for another hypnotic session. Since she has been hypnotized many times I try something new. This time I have her read her induction off a piece of paper. As she reads the commands she drifts into a blank trance.

I program her to go into this mindless robotic state whenever I tell her to. Then I have her remove her dress. I bring her out of her trance and she can’t remember anything that she had done.

I turn her back into a mindless robot and I have her strip naked and touch herself. Then I bring her back. She doesn’t want to admit it but she was having sexy dreams while she was my robot.

I turn her into a robot again and this time give her a glass toy to play with. She is emotionless and blank as I have her fuck herself with it in a variety of position. As she is doing it I have her repeat robotic phrases like “I am a pleasure robot my purpose is to please you.”

Then I have her dress herself to put herself away. I instruct her to pick up the piece of paper she was reading when she first got hypnotized. Then I give her amnesia of the entire session and wake her up.

She ends the session thinking the written induction didn’t work and she had just finished reading it off the paper.

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