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limp - 5133 Fee Use Vol 4 Backpedalling

limp - 5133 Fee Use Vol 4 Backpedalling.mp4

Not Really Stuck Step Mom Fucked

I come home to find both my Step Brother and Step Mom Naked on the couch. They were also acting really odd. Asking what was going on, Nikki proceeded to show me what happened with her phone and how she got stuck in the couch looking for her phone. She slides her hands back into the couch looking for her phone and gets stuck again. I don’t believe she is stuck but try to pull out her hands and she yells out in pain.

I get behind her and try to pull her out and she grinds her ass into my crotch. She says if I don’t help her, she will tell my Step-Dad I did not help her and did bad things to her while she was naked. I can’t believe my Hot Step Mom is making me fuck her, but who am I to say no?!?! I grab her hips from behind and slide my cock into her wet pussy and totally forget that she is stuck and still needs help getting free. Turns out she was not stuck after all and just wanted some more cock. I fuck her hard on the edge of the couch and drop a huge load into her tight milf cunt!

I pull out and she cleans every last drop of cum off my cock.

Sharing a Bed with Step Mom

My Step-Father left around 5 A.M. this morning before I woke up. My Eyes crack open just as the Sun comes up and I turn to find Step Mom in my Bed where the tiniest of tops and shorts. She says we have 3 days alone with Step Brother and Step-Dad. She pulls out my cock and starts sucking me off talking about how happy she was to be alone with me. She also loved the way I squeezed her big fat MILF Tits, not going to lie, I Like Squeezing them too!

Nikki wants us to compete, Step Brother and I to see who fucks her the best and whoever wins gets to rest with her for an entire weekend while our Step-Dad is away on “Business.” I don’t care who wins, this perfect Milf body is all mine now! Nikki goes onto her back and I fuck her good and dump another fat load into her.

It’s Okay to Fuck Your Step Mom

The Next Morning I walk into the kitchen to find Nikki doing the dishes. I ask what is going on here, about the whole fucking in the step family. I wanted to know why she is not wearing a bra or underwear. She said it’s her house and she can dress how she wants, plus it’s just sex. Everyone enjoys sex so it’s okay. She is just my Step Mother and not my Real Step-Mother so it’s fine. If the hot neighbor came over to fuck, would that be okay? So technically there is no difference…

Step Mom walks to the fridge and waves the doors at her chest, she is starting to get hot and needs to cool off. Her boobs suddenly pop out and she grabs a water bottle from the fridge. Next thing I know she is naked on the bar stool waving her pussy in-front of me. How could I say no? Step Mom is going to pound town and I am taking her! This time we changed things up and I dumped my load into her mouth…Had no idea Nikki swallowed. Nikki gets dressed and suggests we should keep this from my Step Brother.

Fucking Nikki While She Talks to My Step-Dad

I walk into Nikki’s bedroom and she is talking to my Step-Dad. He has no idea what is going on. She talks away while I pull out her tits and slide off her shorts. Nikki takes the opportunity to sext with my Step-Dad while I fuck her. It’s only fair she gets some real cock while chatting away with Step-Dad.

She was talking dirty to him but really talking dirty to me. He has no idea I am pounding Step Mom from behind, but I do. Nikki even lets me stick my thumb on her spider hole, she is so naughty! She cums first and then lets me paint her face with a protein packed load. She teases me with words of pleasure but this is not for my step-dad, this is all for me at this moment. I hope my Step Brother does not hear Nikki scream! But why should I care, Nikki just said I fuck her the best.

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