Kendra James Super Heroine World- Perverts from outer space HD 720p

limp - 5276 Perverts from outer space.mp4

After a great day at the beach, Kendra has missed the reports of strange objects in the sky, she was just happy to have the free time to herself. As she walks into her house she is startled by the peculiar flashes coming from her garage. She looks to see what they might have been, but there is nothing there. Unfortunately, she does not see the slimy, slithering, extra terrestrial tentacle slowly creeping between her legs until it is too late. The invader from Mars moves up her leg gripping ahold of the terrified girl tighter and tighter. Kendra struggles to free herself, but with every twist it seems as though another tentacle appears. Their vice-like grip pulling and dragging the poor girl to her knees, but Kendra keeps struggling to get free. What could they possibly want with her? Then it becomes horribly clear as the creatures semblance of a penis creeps closer and closer to the immobilized girl. She screams but it does nothing, this monster has been sent to earth to take over and it will accomplish this mission by any means necessary. Kendra tries in vain to stop the Martian from inseminating her, but there are just too many tentacles. She shrieks as the alien squeezes tighter and sprays its warm semen over her body. What can she do? She is trapped and this galactic alien is not going to let her go until it has finished it_s mission of impregnating the earthlings with it swarming spawn

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