Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures – Things that Go HUMP in the Night HD 720p

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Paranormal, Witchcraft, Demon Summoning Gone Wrong, Ghost Groping Ludella in Her Rest, Erotic Magic, Stripping, Special FX, Moaning, Back Arching, Foot Wrinkling, Curvy, Big Butt, Booty Bouncing, Big Tits, Tit Play, Redhead, Hairy Bush, Ludella Hahn, Contains FULL NUDITYLudella is an experienced witch who has decided she_d like to summon a demon to do her bidding for her, so on this dark and stormy night, she searches her spellbook for a spell to do the job. Unfortunately nothing appears when she says it. Frustrated and tired, she decides to just go to bed. She strips out of her dress and high heels to rest in her black lace lingerie set and turns the light out.Little does she know that the spell she spoke was just the wrong spell…and that the effects from that spell have begun to unfold. From the depths of the underworld, a spirit enters the room–a VERY HORNY spirit. And he_s come to have his way with the napping witch. He slowly pulls the covers off her to reveal her curvy body in lingerie. From his shapeless form appears a hand that begins to grope her BIG TITS. She begins moaning with pleasure…still resting… Soon she_s arching her back like she_s possessed, her curves writhing. With a poof, her bra disappears, exposing her big tits. Her feet curl up as the pleasure escalates. The blankets come down more and her panties disappear, revealing her hairy bush. She_s now fully nude, arching, wiggling, and writhing. The ghost pushes her onto her stomach with her BIG BUTT exposed and begins bouncing it up and down in a twerking motion. After a bit of that he turns her back on her back. His ghostly hands land on her chest and bounce her big tits up and down while she moans, still resting. She seems to climax and breathe heavily, then she begins to wake up, so the ghost disappears from view. She notices she_s completely naked with no blankets, so she sits up abruptly and grabs her sheets to hide herself. Wow, that was a weird dream… It felt so real though, but it couldn_t have been. Before her eyes a ghostly figure appears. She gasps in fear as it comes at her, knocking her on her back and begins groping her again. She tries to fight him off, and finally he dissipates. She vows never to try a spell while tired again, but as she falls back resting, her lips curl up in a smirk. *This was a CUSTOM commission. Create your own custom video clip by filling out the form at LudellaHahnFetish.comYou might also enjoy:

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