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We join buxom Sylvia as she is chatting with Mr. Bronson, a family friend. It seems the man has taken a liking to Sylvia_s shapely body. He_d like to expand the boundaries of their relationship, but Sylvia doesn_t like the fact that he has a wife. Get woke Sylvia Mr. Bronson negotiates this delicate personal situation with the help of his timestop watch. Once frozen, he_s free to initiate boob-bouncing fuck session that Sylvia keeps resisting. He knows that once they get going, she_ll come around.
Mr. Bronson toys with the poor girl a bit at first. Shocking her by unfreezing her with her tit out or his cock in her mouth. But soon he strips off her pretty pink panties and plunges his cock into her gushing pussy. He deep dicks her doggystyle, then flips her over so he can watch her gorgeous rack bounce as he plows her. He unfreezes her periodically so she can feel his meat for herself.
After shooting his wad, and convinced that Sylvia liked what she felt during the brief flashes when she was unfrozen, Mr. Bronson releases her completely from the effects of the timestop. Unfortunately, she is disoriented and not as happy about their tryst as he clearly is. Sylvia leaves, red-faced with embarrassment. However, Mr. Bronson remains optimistic about their romantic prospects. Besides, if she_s still not feeling it, he always has his timestop watch

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