Girls Gone Hypnotized Mind Control Pill 2 – Victoria Reprogrammed SD mp4

limp - 5313 Victoria Reprogrammed.mp4

Victoria returns home and finds an intruder inside her apartment. After a brief struggle, she is knocked unconscious and tied to a chair. When Victoria wakes up, she is understandably scared and angry, so the intruder forces her to take a little pill that calms her down a bit. In fact, Victoria is now so calm and mindless that she agrees to and obeys any command given to her. Victoria is then turned into a Greek slave and made to serve her master and make him feel a little more welcome in her home

Controlled by swallowing a mind control pill (2)
Knocked out and tied to a chair
Put into a mindless and agreeable state
Submissive talk and “yes masters”
Made to kneel and submit
Changed into a Greek servant costume
Made to prepare her master a meal
Made to rub her master’s feet
Made to call her employer and quit
Made to call her boyfriend and break things off
Made to walk mindlessly and repeat commands
Effects of pill begin to wear off so she is given a second dose

Format: mp4
Resolution: 768 x 432
Duration: 00:37:01
Size: 820 Mb

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