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limp - 5346 Underworld

limp - 5346 Underworld.mp4

Primal’s Disgraced Superheroines

Red Rider has followed a series of leads on advance medical equipment that has been stolen. No sooner does she get there then she finds herself running for her life!!! A beastman with an all too human mind runs her down and demolishes her, she is totally over-matched, her costume gets torn as she is lifted, slammed, dragged by her hair and then put out for the count.

While she is out the beastman shreds her costume and plays with her form before leaving her in the cold stone room.

Now Red Rider awakes to find herself securely tied and her costume covering virtually none of her body, exposing her most private areas while she is totally helpless. She struggles and struggles desperately but can’t get free. The terrified young heroine calls for help and at first she is relieved when a man enters, but she notices his torn clothes look familiar, she screams out as he puts a rag over her mouth, Her body is lifted and carried from the room.

Red Rider lays motionless on medical table, strapped down securely while a obviously deranged scientist slowly cuts away what is left of her costume. Her mouth is gagged open and she is helpless as the mad Dr examines her thoroughly, first with his hands and then with a speculum to see deep inside her. He administers “FERTILIZATION ENHANCEMENT DRIPS” into her open mouth. He promises they won’t effect her mind, but will make her young body incredibly fertile for the next stage of his experiment. To make the drops take full effect the Dr. straps her legs open and he gives Red Rider a series of orgasms while administering more of the powerful drops. They seem to have a strong effect as she seems to begin craving the next orgasm. Once that stage is done the evil Dr puts her out to prep her for the next stage.

Meanwhile the Mighty Hornet comes in response to Red Rider’s call. She moves cautiously and enters a padded cell. A very odd man in a straight jacket is mumbling and then tells her she should go

Too late Hornet realizes the danger as he transforms into a beastman. Using her amazing agility Hornet tumbles and rolls avoiding his savage attacks and the fight goes on with multiple blows exchanged. Hornet lifts and slams the beastman,but the longer they fight the stronger he gets, and Hornet sees that despite his feral appearance there is a human cunning in his eyes.

It is an epic battle but comes to an end with the wolf creatures teeth clamped on Hornet’ throat. While she is out a henchman in a hazard suit comes in to strip and bind her, using a rag over her mouth when she starts to come around.

Hornet is chained up with and orgasm wand tied tightly to her exposed pussy while a wildly horny and fertile young Red Riders squirms on the table in front of her. Hornet is to cum – SUPPLYING SUPERHERONE SEXUAL ENERGY – to fuel the mad doctor’s experiment. Once more in wolfman form the Dr starts licking the eager and desperate Red Rider’s pussy. She is begging him to impregnate her

Hornet is groggy but begs Red Rider to resist but the younger heroine doesn’t care at all, she wants it too badly to resist. She is ecstatic as the beastman fucks her and fills her with AN ENORMOUS LOAD

The beastman is spent and leaves Hornet struggling and pleading while Red Rider happily lays with cum leaking out of her little, well-fucked pussy.

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