Steve Steele Productions Mcstashhouse – POV 7 Mistress Of The House SD mp4

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When last we left POV Steve, he was in search of a Hungarian mistress to compliment his newly purchased wife. And wouldn’t you know it, in a flat right across the street, he finds her. What a hottie! After a hard day’s work, a refreshing shower is order. Followed by a quick snack before a night out on the town. But what’s this? Steve has planted a glowing, hypnotic egg in her fridge. It makes her contentedly sedate, and ready to happily obey any of Steve’s commands.

Knowing that his new mistress is hungry, he commands her to nibble on his dick. Tht’s more like a meal than a snack. (At least in Steve’s opinion.) And since this all started with an egg, he orders her to suck his eggs before trying to reach hers with his dick. That’s a cumbersome image of Steve fucking her pussy in multiple positions. And what goes better with a woman’s eggs than a little sperm? Or in this case a lot of sperm. Steve really covers her in man yolk!

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