Girls Controlled To Be Bad – Mikki Lavay Controlled SD mp4

limp - 5395 Mikki Lavay Controlled.mp4

Re-mastered, and released in its entirety, Nikki Lavay’s full session is now available at a discounted rate here. Enjoy watching her submit completely to my PROGRAM easily and quickly. This full length compilation includes the following segments:

Nikki Lavay is a new face to grace my studios, and here is her initial programming. Nikki was excited about giving this a shot, and you can see she is an excellent subject. You can see a few eye checks, and rapid eye movement, as well as body.

Lost Number, Sofa Stuck, Freeze
Nikki Lavay is programmed to lose the number five. In this simple request, we have Nikki believing that the number five no longer exists. So I ask her a few simple questions about how many fingers she has in total, and then ask her to count her fingers. Its obvious that my programming is working well, and she is dumbfounded as to why she has 11 fingers… Then after I’m done with that, I program her to be stuck to the sofa, as she attempts to stand up and can’t… Finally freezing her at various moments of time, posing her, and panning the camera around her stuck body. You can see the look in her face as she’s frozen, lost, not aware of what is happening. I then proceed to remove her shirt, and expose her bra.. and then eventually removing her bra.

Brain Cleaning
Now Nikki Lavay is confused. You can see it in her eyes and face, as weird things are happening to her. So I decide to step it up a little bit and explain to her that the reason this is happening is because of a little known thing called Brain Clutter. And that the only solution is to clean her brain by removing it (I clarify that I will not be performing surgery but rather I have an innate ability to do this w/out any cutting).. She is shocked, but agrees to allow me to perform this. She just tells me to tell her family she loves them, if anything bad happens. So I go over and yank her brain out (obviously I don’t actually yank it out, I’m using the power of programming to make her believe I am doing so) and you can tell I got part of it… as she is still slightly responsive.. so I perform it again, and instantly you can see her go blank. She is gone. I then check her out a bit, and when I return her brain, I inform her that I put it in backwards! So when I put it in, her eyes roll back in her head as it settles and then you can see something is off. She is behaving very weird and strange. Finally I ask a series of questions, determining that her brain is indeed in backwards – or so she thinks. I then remove it again, and return it back to normal as she is now able to stand up and feels better… yet has no recollection of any of the brain cleaning.

Yes Master
We start off with me programming Nikki Lavay to respond to the magic word PLEASE instantly with a “Yes Master” and she has to comply with what ever command I told her with the PLEASE… so then she sits down, and I ask her a few questions. She’s totally confused, and doesn’t quite know what is happening. So I then tell her “Please, remove your shorts” and she so timidly says “Yes Master” and complies… kind of in a mindless gaze. Then I ask her what just happened, and she says “I guess I took my shorts off” and I ask her “Do you remember doing that?” she says “No”… then I have her remove her panties, as she says “Yes Master” with more zest.. and she’s now completely naked and she has no clue how! You can see she is a bit dazzled at what is happening, and wonders… Then I freeze her in place, and position her arms and open her legs so they are spread open wide for us to see.. and when I unfreeze her she is instantly shocked. You can tell she is wondering what the heck is happening… I don’t think she realized how well this was going to work and how much she wouldn’t realize…. I ask her “How did you get naked” and her respond is genuine when she says with a desperate tone in her voice “I don’t fucking know”…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 720 x 480
Duratio: 01:12:35
Size: 594 Mb

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