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Clip Includes: Alien Space Creature, Vore, Supernatural, Working Out, Booty Workout, Squats, Tight Yoga Pants, Thong, Closeups During Glute Focused Workout, Camel Toe, A Monster Creeps Up On Ludella During Her Workout and Tries to Eat Her, Ludella Twerks and Jiggles Her Booty While Struggling to Escape, Kicking, Twerking, Manages to Pull Herself Free and Shuts Monster in Her Gym, Realizes Phone is in the Room with the Monster, Monster Sneaks Up And Bites Onto Her Head Pulling Her Down, Handstand Twerking, More Booty Jiggling While Struggling, Swallowed Whole, Monster Burps Out A Sneaker and then Swallows Camera, Redhead, Curvy, Thick, Booty Shaking, Leggings, Tights, Workout Clothes, Sneakers, Stuck, Prey Vore, Wiggling, Writhing, Moaning, Screaming, Heavy Breathing, Consumed, Sound FX, Practical FX, Ludella Hahn, Contains NO NUDITY
УAlright…time to work on this booty!Ф Ludella giggles, jiggling her booty in front of her mirror while wearing a crop top and thong. She gives it a few slaps and wiggles it around, posing in the mirror. УItТs looking okay, but I want to slim down a bit more in the middle and thicken up in the bottom.Ф She grins, slapping her ass again. УOh, I should get a selfie!Ф She grabs her phone and does some booty focused poses in the mirror while snapping off a few selfies, then she grabs her tight yoga pants and begins the slow process of pulling them up over her curves. They get stuck when she reaches her butt and she has to jump and jiggle and yank to pull them up over her peach. Giving a final adjustment by snapping them tight against her curves, she then grabs her phone for a couple more mirror selfies before putting her sneakers on and heading into her home gym to workout.
Once in her gym, she turns on her music and hits record on her phone to post her workout to social media later. Then she grabs her weights and begins with front loaded squats. The camera gets closeups and full body shots of her doing reps of squats, deadlifts, and sumo squats during her glute workout, but as sheТs working out, strange things start to happen. The lights flicker and strange sounds start to come through her stereo, taking over her music. УThatТs weirdЕФ She says, tapping on the stereo to try to end the interference and get her music to play. The strange sounds stop, along with her music. She shrugs it off and goes back to working out, but then she hears a strange growling sound and the lights go out completely, leaving her in the dark.
УWhat was that?Ф She breathes, as fear creeps up her curves. She puts down her weights and looks around, but decides she just has the heebie jeebies and needs to shake them out. While her back is turned, something is creeping into the room. She hears another growl and slowly turns toward it letting out a scream as the monstrous creature pounces onto her and pulls her to the ground. УWhat are you? Oh, let me go!Ф She moans. She struggles to free herself, but the monster has clamped down onto her hand. She shakes and twerks and jiggles her ass and curves as she struggles, breathing heavily and moaning. The camera catches her struggling from different angles with closeups of her sensual struggle.
УAre you EATING me?Ф She cries out. УStop! Stop eating me!Ф She manages to pull herself to a standing position, giving a nice closeup view of her butt as she jiggles and twerks and moans. The monster pulls her back down to the floor. УOhhhh…itТs pulling me deeper….Ф She kicks and moans, breathing heavily as she writhes and struggles to free herself. Eventually sheТs able to get her feet under her in such a way that allows her to pull her hand from the monsterТs grip, and she runs out of the room, slamming the door behind her with the monster shut inside.
УWhat in the world was that THING–that MONSTER?Ф She breathes heavily with her back against the door. УOh my gosh…oh my goshЕФ She shakes herself out and heads back to her living room, looking around cautiously for any other creatures before breathing a sigh of relief. She readjusts her leggings, snapping them tight against her curvy figure as she tries to figure out what to do. УI need to call for help! But…my phone…is in the room with that thingЕФ She sits down in defeat. УWhat do I do? I mean, on the bright side, the monster is shut in the other room tooЕand what would I even say if I were to call someone. СHi! An alien space monster is after me. Send help!Т TheyТll think IТm a looney binЕФ
While sheТs busy talking to herself, the monster has snuck up behind her. She hears another growl and turns just as the monster pounces on her and bites onto her head. It pulls her down to the floor, flipping her body so that her feet end up in the air. She twerks and struggles with her legs against the wall in a handstand, kicking and screaming. The monster got a better hold of her this time and she stands no chance. SheТs already sliding deeper down the monsterТs throat. She continues to shake and jiggle her ass as she struggles with her knees up on the couch, but the monster swallows her deeper and pulls her legs down onto the floor. She moans and screams from within the creature, but sheТs growing weaker and her moans soon turn to heavy breaths that become softer as she slides deeper down the monster’s throat. Her legs stop kicking, becoming as floppy as a ragdoll’s as sheТs fully devoured. The monster has swallowed her whole, leaving no trace except for a lone sneaker that it burps out. Its green glowing eye catches sight of the camera watching. The lights flicker and go dark as the monster leaps up and swallows the camera–almost as if itТs swallowing the viewer to keep Ludella company inside its belly, or maybe itТs just hiding evidence of its existence so that it can continue with its voracious rampage. Either way…keep watch for flickering lightsЕ ItТs coming…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:17:12
Size: 408 Mb

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