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Alicia C. Moon

Broken Wonder II
Alicia C Moon is back!

Mega Pack includes both parts!

Diana Prinse is selected to interview the worlds most advanced AI. To make conversation flow easier she gives it a name (Seven). After a pleasant conversation, Seven scans Diana and discovers she is not what she claims to be. Seven assumes she is a threat and attacks!

Diana is forced to change into Wonderous Woman and tries to purge Seven’s memory of the incident but Wonderous Woman severely underestimates Seven’s capabilities.

Unknown to Wonderous Woman, Seven was designed as a fail safe if SuperiorGirl ever turned against humans. Wonderous Woman quickly finds herself in the most deadly situation of her life!

Seven figures out how to terminate Wonderous Woman but decides to resurrect her so it can destroy her over and over to find all Amazon’s weaknesses.

Wonderous Woman doesn’t believe what is happening to her at first but reality sets in the first time she feels her heart stop!

Wonderous Woman is broken over and over and over until Seven has all the data it needs to defeat Amazons indefinitely .

This movie includes Beatings, low blows, poison, phantom zone crushing trap, bear hugs, back breaker, homeage to 70’s laser scene, sim sex, numerous death endings for Wonderous Woman, slime trap, belly punching, choking, and much more!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:50:24
Size: 2703 Mb

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