Sahrye Maravilla – Homeboyz Mind Stealers From Outta Space HD 720p

limp - 5498 Homeboyz Mind Stealers From Outta Space.mp4

Andros from the future briefly returns to earth with a powerful warning for Sahrye that alien homeboys from outer space known as the Black Skrill Gangsta Mind Control Posse have arrived to invade the planet. Sahrye Maravilla immediately goes out to stop the alien menace and comes face to face with the enforcer for the Black Skrill, the mighty Sardor, who has incredible strength that rivals even the super heroines. Sahrye Maravilla proves to be too much for the Sardor to handle until he incapacitates her with alien smoke bomb attack and then brings her to the gangsta posse crib. The Sardor beats on the weakened Sahrye subjecting her to powerful chokeholds, bitch slaps, and bearhugs before removing her skirt to whip on her large voluptuous big butt. Sahrye Maravilla will not break but faces another challenge when she meets the leader or the Black Skrill Gangstaz who is determined with his mind control helmet to bring her under his command by stimulating her errogenous zones. Will Sahrye surrender to the will of her intergalactic enemies? Find Out

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:24:50
Size: 1467 Mb

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