Ludella Hahn Fetish – Remote Controlled Vacation – Nerdy Stepsister Obeys Your Every Command FullHD 1080p

limp - 5511 Remote Controlled Vacation.mp4

Nerdy to Dirty Taboo Magic Control

Clip Includes: Reality Remote Control, Magic Control, POV Controls His Nerdy Stepsister with Reality Remote Control While On Vacation, Makes Her Tits Bigger, Makes Her Play with Tits, Embarrassment, Tries to Fight it But Her Body Obeys All the Commands He Enters Into the App, Humor, Humiliation, Makes Her take Off Her Glasses & Do Kissy Faces, Makes Her Do A Sexy Dance, Then Freezes Her A few Times in the Middle of Her Sexy Dancing and Booty Shaking, Timestop, MUTED while Dancing, Made to Act Animalistic, Made to Talk Dirty, Embarrassed, Humiliated, Taboo, Made to Walk Around With Her Hands In Front of Her Like a Zombie Repeating Mantras, Made to Act Like a Dumb Horny Bimbo Who Only Wants to To Please POV, Bimbo Transformation, Obedient Slave, Big Tits, Big Butt, Curvy Nerdy and Dirty, Booty Jiggling, Woman Following Orders, Thick, Redhead, PAWG, Slave Position, Eager Slave, Horny Bimbo, Booty Groping, Dirty Talk, Licking Lips, Moving Sensually, Feeling Self, Ludella Hahn, Contains NO NUDITY (Just major LEWD-ity)

You can’t believe it. Your stepsister is such a NERD that she brought her homework on vacation. Who DOES that? Of course she flaunts it in your face how great of a student she is with her straight A average and calls you a loser for failing your courses. She really needs to loosen up a bit. Good thing you recently acquired that reality remote control app. You want to see this curvy, uptight nerd come undone…

You open up the app and enter the command to make her tits bigger. And as soon as you hit the “execute command” button on the app, they inflate a cup size. She seems to feel the increased weight or the sensation of growth because she looks down at her tits, confused. She tries to discreetly feel them up, giving them a squeeze, and then she sighs, “The sun’s getting to me…” and goes back to her homework.

You enter the next command to make her play with her tits. She drops her homework and begins to grope and squeeze her big boobies. It takes her a minute to realize she’s doing it and when she does, she freaks. GASP! “What the–” She notices you watching her. “I’m NOT doing this, okay? I know it looks like I’m touching my boobs, but it’s like something making me do it. I’m NOT doing this for your viewing pleasure… Oh my gosh! What the? Stop looking at them!”

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