Luciafilms McKenzie, Lucy Westenra, Ariana Rogue – Dolorfer Origins FullHD 1080p

limp - 5620 Lucia Dolorfer Origins.mp4

In this Prequel to the acclaimed Dolorfer: Arrival, we find Daniel (Lu-Lewd) on the streets of Nocturn City in the 80’s being confronted by Ultra Lady (Ariana Rogue) once again. Exhausted by the deranged criminals antics and adulation of mysterious “Voices” from many, many previous arrests, Ultra Lady is not prepared for an eventual confrontation with… something… beyond.

When Daniel’s mad ravings prove to have some truth to them, Ultra Lady is in the fight of her life as the sinister presence from beyond makes its motive and its raw power known. Can Ultra Lady stand up to this mysterious entity? Or will she be the first of many to succumb to its devious machinations?

-Extremely Strong Heroine
-Superstrength and Regeneration
-Lots of combat!
-Beatdowns (In both directions.)
-Several Lifts
-Gymnastic Leg Choke (By Heroine)
-Frontal Bear Hug
-Low Blows
-Strangle w/ Crowbar
-Power Draining
-Tummy Punches
-Tummy Kicks
-Heroine Never Gives Up
-Face Grabbing
-Forced Bending
-Massive Ground and Pound
-Upper Nudity
-Forced Groping of Villain (Brief)
-Forced Oral
-Hair Pulling
-Messy Mouth/Cum
-Forced Sex in Multiple Positions
-Forced Orgasm

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:43:56
Size: 1613 Mb

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