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From the classics of my collection, Xena was a favorite of mine back then. I decided to release a full discounted compilation of her clips, including never before seen training. Enjoy watching her become PROGRAMMED, and made to comply. This 2-hour plus video includes the following:

First Time Freeze
Welcome first time subject of mine, beautiful brunette Xena. Xena has never been trained before, and she takes to it very very well. I was a bit concerned before training Xena as she is very strong willed, but she submitted to me after a while of training. And then I make her to sleepy and then freeze her for the very first time. Watch and enjoy as Xena succumbs to my ways
Stuck to Bed
In this second clip of Xena, we have her trained to be stuck to the bed and not realize what is happening. Then when ever I snap my fingers, she feels something poking her in the ass. She starts off frozen in place, as I pose her a bit more, then I put her to rest and train her to be stuck. Enjoy watching Xena be frustrated, and confused.
Bed Stuck Freeze
In this second part of Xena being trained to be stuck to the bed, we now have her frozen in various parts of this clip; and while she is frozen we remove her tshirt revealing her sexy bra. And while frozen and still stuck to the bed, we pose her in various ways.
We start off with Xena, frozen solid stuck to the bed in her bra, and shorts… and then we remove her bra from her frozen body without her knowing what is happening as she becomes naked… Then we unfreeze her, and she becomes rather shocked and ashamed at what just happened but she can’t get up out of the bed still! Then we put her to rest, and study her napping body… I pan over it, and do an eye check, and more.
Naked Doll

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