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Jimmy’s babysitter is being a real pain in the ass. She wants Jimmy to stop watching TV and go do homework and clean his room. He saw a show once where the kids hypnotized the babysitter, so he tries it himself. The babysitter plays along to get Jimmy to do what she wants, but she ends up getting hypnotized for real. Jimmy makes the babysitter do all kinds of embarrassing stuff, as well as take off her clothes for him.

Hypnotized with a pocket watch while playing a “game”. Heavyn follows the watch with her eyes and repeats back her programming.
Switched back and forth between her normal self, and acting like a chicken.
Switched back and forth between her normal self, and a pretty ballerina who loves to dance for Jimmy.
Heavyn is made to take off her clothes and show Jimmy what a naked woman looks like.
Put back into trance. Walks through the room like a mindless zombie while chanting “I am your hypnotized babysitter”.
The next time the babysitter is returned to normal, she threatens Jimmy with a spanking, but he puts her into a trance and makes her spank her own ass.
Between each new suggestions, the babysitter is given her new commands while focusing on the swinging pocket watch.
Topless, nude down to panties.

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