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Watch as you successfully possess your bitchy, slutty nanny. She’s constantly yelling at you to to stay busy and to leave her alone. She walks around in slutty outfits on purpose because she knows you find her so sexy even though she’s mean to you. You constantly fantasize about fucking her but one day you decide that enough is enough. You are going to BECOME her. One afternoon she’s yelling at you for no reason and you hear her on the phone with her boyfriend and once she’s done you… possess her! The possession looks like she’s being electrocuted and she’s convulsing like crazy. She tries to yell for help but nothing is coming out and her eyes and mouth go wide as the possession is taking place. Once the possession is complete you realize that you’ve successfully made it inside her body. You can’t believe it! You start to grab at her pussy and tits and start getting horny until you hear a voice and see a man walk into the bedroom. It’s her boyfriend and you notice that he’s starting to come on to you. You tell him that she’s really not herself at the moment but he laughs and thinks you’re joking. You back away from him but in the end he grabs you and lays you on your back to fuck you. He starts fucking you even though you resist. You start feeling really good and are so confused because you shouldn’t be feeling so much pleasure from getting fucked by a man. You start realizing that her body is starting to take over and it’s like her body is filled by both of you. You’re freaking out because you can’t help it that you love getting fucked and she starts asking to be fucked harder and harder. Eventually you get on top of her boyfriend and start to ride him because you can’t help how good it feels. Both you and her are fucking him at the same time and it’s so fucked up but you can’t help but love it. You both cum at the same time and can’t believe that you’re actually sharing her body… enjoy me, xo

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