Hypno Sessions – Nyxon & Nyssa A Taste Of Her Own Medicine HD 720p

limp - 5709 Nyssa A Taste Of Her Own Medicine.mp4

Nyxon & Nyssa are on a popular talk show, and Nyssa is trying to convince do-gooder Nyxon that opening up a strip club in her small, quiet town, is a great idea. Nyxon doesn’t like the idea of a strip club opening up, and tells Nyssa that it’s embarrassing for those women to have to get up on stage, and dance around naked. Nyssa argues that it’s empowering for women to get up on stage, but Nyxon isn’t having any of that in her town. She waves her hand, and immediately Nyssa gets up from her chair & starts to do an awkward dance. Nyxon laughs along with the studio audience, and Nyssa has no idea what’s come over her. Nyxon waves her hand a few more times, and Nyssa kicks off her shoes, and strips out of her pants & blouse. Completely embarrassed, Nyssa begs Nyxon to stop, but Nyxon is just getting warmed up. She waves her hand a couple of more times, and Nyssa strips out of her bra & panties. Now completely nude, Nyssa has zero control over her own body. She dances around the television studio, shaking her butt & even twerking for a little bit. While the audience continues to laugh at Nyssa, Nyxon decides to break the spell & Nyssa regains complete control of her body again. She reaches down & picks up her clothes, but Nyxon tells her that simply letting her go would be way too easy. She makes Nyssa’s clothes disappear into thin air, Nyssa to run through the town naked, embarrassing herself even further

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:15:07
Size: 233 Mb

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