Primal Fetish Alex Coal – snake tongue therapy strip & lick pov bj FullHD 1080p


Your new therapist tries a strange therapy tactic to help you get over your fear of snakes. She sheds her clothes like a snake sheds its skin, she wiggles and writhes when she moves, imitating a snake slithering. Finally, she comes closer to you, climbing onto the couch between your legs. She flicks her tongue like a snake and tells you to take off your pants. Her wet pink tongue flicks over your cock, up and down your shaft and around your head. Licking and licking, teasing your cock until you cum for her. But she doesn’t stop. She says you need to associate good things with things that remind you of snakes to overcome your fear. So she keeps licking you until you explode in a second orgasm. You’re going to need a few more therapy sessions before you’re cured.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:23:15
Size: 1943 Mb

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