Primal’s POV Family Lust Megan Blue – My Step-Sister – Learning With Each Other HD 720p

limp - 5770 Learning With Each Other

limp - 5770 Learning With Each Other1

Part One – Learning With Each Other – A week ago forgot my phone in the bathroom, my step-sister was in the shower and forgot to lock the door. I thought I would slip in grab my phone and get out before she saw me and freaked. Well she never saw me, but I saw, and definitely heard her! She was making her self cum over and over. Now I can’t get it out of my head, I broke the lock on her bedroom door without her knowing. I pester her when she is in the shower knocking and saying hurry up so she can’t masturbate and then I wait, knowing she will do it in her bedroom, so I can walk in on her. It works, she is really pissed at first, denies everything, including the times I know she has watched me, neither of us has much experience, so after talking a bit she hesitantly agrees to experiment a little together…

Part Two – Learning With Each Other – My step-sister’s on the couch playing with her phone. Step-Mom and step-dad texted me saying they’re going to be out for a few more hours. I asked her why she’s been locking her door since that night we had together. She’s really shy, but I know I can get her to play with my cock again. I rip her short shorts off and shove my tongue in her pussy. I get her off so good that it makes me so hard, and I couldn’t help but grab her head and shove her mouth on my cock. I finally decide to go a little further.. she wants in as badly as I do, and she promises to never lock her door again

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