Primal’s Taboo Family Relations Makayla Cox – Giving Step-Mom What She Needs HD 720p

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Part 1

Makayla comes home after a date and is upset about how the night went. Her step-son, Rion, comes in her bedroom to console her about it and asks why she goes out if it makes her so unhappy. She starts to tell him she has needs and she needs male attention. When he says he can give her what she needs, she tells him she has noticed him watching and looking her. While she tells him it’s ok and it’s natural, she slowly pulls the top of her dress down to expose her tits. When she tells him it’s ok if he touches them, she realizes maybe her step-son can give her what she needs.

Part 2

Makayla knocks on Rion’s door to see if he’s still awake. When she comes in, she’s only wearing a light tank top and panties on and asks if she can climb into bed with him. While she’s laying next to him, he starts to mention the night they had together. Makayla quickly puts her finger over his mouth and says they don’t need to talk about it while sliding her hand onto his dick over the sheets. Makayla has made up her mind: she doesn’t want to date anymore, and from now on, she wants her step-son to give her what Step-Mommy needs.

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