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Alisha sees a therapist for her sex addiction. She finds a guy who works out of his home, but has great reviews. He wants to use hypnosis to help Alisha get over her addiction. But as she’s going under, she realizes that she recognizes him, she’s just not sure from where. The therapist remembers that Alisha stood him up on a date years before, and now he’s going to have his revenge on her by making her submit to his every command.

Swinging pocket watch induction.
Alisha chants the phrase “I am a mind fucked idiot” while she is felt up in her sleep.
Replies “yes master” to commands.
Alisha is snapped awake, behaving like a promiscuous bimbo who can’t even remember her own name.
Felt up while asleep; repeats back her instructions.
Stands entranced in maid outfit and repeats her mantras while inspected by her master.
Happily cleans her master’s home with a smile on her face. Still refers to him as “master” and herself as a bimbo. Alisha grinds on her master’s lap while dusting the coffee table.
Alisha must put herself into sexy poses every time her master snaps his fingers.
Snapped out of trance. Happily performs a sexy strip tease while on her master’s lap. Performs naked cartwheels.
Focuses on the pocket watch again and taken back into a trance.
Sleepwalks naked through the room and chants her mantras.
Stands in a trance and is felt up while she chants her mantras.
Choked out and felt up while unconscious on the floor.
Alisha is cured of her sex addiction. She now only wants to have sex with her master. She is snapped out of trance and rides her master’s cock with a smile on her face. (Simulated only. No real sex or male nudity.)

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