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Alix Lynx is Conor’s smoking hot wife, and also a very successful pharmaceutical sales rep. Her work requires a lot of travel, sometimes being away from her husband for weeks at a time. Alix’s company is looking to expand into Europe, and is sending her there to travel and work for at least a month.. Alix and Conor are sitting on the couch, discussing Alix’s upcoming extended work trip. Alix talks about how this will be such an excellent career opportunity, but all Conor can seem to think about is no pussy while she’s gone. Alix assures her husband everything will be fine, and the couple start to kiss. Suddenly the make-out session is cut short as Alix hears her work phone ring. She exits the room, and Conor instantly becomes disappointed, looking down at his crotch/blue balls. Alix and Conor exchange a loving hug and kiss as Alix leaves for her long trip… After Alix leaves, Conor is looking online, and stumbles upon a realistic sex doll that looks just like his wife Alix! He jumps at the opportunity to have some non-cheating sexual relief, and rush orders the doll. A couple days pass, and the doll has finally arrived. Conor takes the doll out of the box and places it on it’s back on the couch. Conor worships the doll’s body, starting with kissing it’s lips, then moving down to her nipples, pussy, and ass. Conor then fucks the dolls’ mouth until he cums. He then moves the doll down to floor and fucks her missionary, and then fucks her missionary on the bed… A little time has passed, and Conor is in bed cuddling with the doll. He then decides for some more fun. He fucks the doll in several positions, finishing by cumming all over her asshole. After cumming once again, Conor’s dick is still hard and continues fucking his new doll doggystyle. As he’s fucking it, Alix returns home from work a little bit early, wanting to surprise Conor. She is already in sexy lingerie for the surprise when she notices her husband fucking a sex doll. Alix starts touching herself in the doorway, getting turned on watching her man fuck a sex doll that looks just like her. While Conor is mid-thrust doggystyle, Alix walks in. Conor starts fumbling over his words, trying to explain, but Alix puts her finger over his mouth and tell’s him it’s all okay and that she thinks it’s really hot. Alix then takes off her lingerie, comparing her naked body to that of the dolls. Alix then grabs Conor’s dick, and the couple begin to kiss over their new third.

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