Girls Gone Hypnotized – Rachel – Unemployed HD 720p

limp - 5852 Rachel has started a new job.mp4

Rachel has started a new job and is quickly moving up the ranks. One of the employees there has taken issue with Rachel’s success though, and is determined to get her fired. He sends a hypnotic spiral to her phone that hypnotizes her and puts her under his complete control. Rachel is then made to record a series of humiliating videos that are spread throughout her workplace.

Hypnotized by a spiral on her phone
So deeply hypnotized, black and white spirals spin in her eyes (4 separate times)
Made to reply “yes master” when given a command
Repeats her commands in an empty monotone
Sits entranced and professes her obedience
Sleepwalks through the room while chanting a mantra
Videos taken of her while she is made to behave as a chicken and a dog
Put into a deep sleep
Made to remove her clothes
Stands entranced and professes her obedience while spirals spin in her eyes
Made to sleepwalk through the room while repeating her mantras, and wearing nothing but a pair of heels
Made to record a video of herself quitting her job and telling off her boss
Left alone, kneeling naked in a trance and repeating mantras
Left with no memory of the event
Full nude

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:13:58
Size: 531 Mb

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