Hypnolust – Cadence Lux Clip Six – Please don’t take it away SD mp4

limp - 5851 Cadence Lux.mp4

Cadence, who believes to be the cook at my annual hypno party, does not seem to believe that she could be easily h-. In fact she snickers when I mention that my friends and I have invited a bunch of women who will be entranced throughout the evening. Anyway, as it turns out, our little girl drops like a rock. Looks like the fun can begin. First our oh so professional cook starts to flash her ass while talking about the menu for tonight. Cadence seems to realize what she is doing but it takes the snap of my fingers to make her fully aware of how inappropriate her behavior is. Things get even more awkward when she pulls out her juicy natural tits. Again, there must be an explanation for all this.

PART TWO. After a brief “sleeepy break” and some limp play, our still very professional cook wakes up and starts to pleasure herself with a very powerful vibrator which makes her forget that she is actually here to cook. Looks like cooking is the least thing on her mind. Suddenly though, she freezes up with the “joy toy” stuck to her pussy. Her awareness is slowly returning and she scrambles for explanations for her behavior while desperately trying not to orgasm.

Frozen and horny is not a good combination as it turns out. Anyway, being the nice guy that I am, I freeze her hand (the one that is holding the vibrator) two inches away from her pussy. Turns out, she does not like that either. All of the above described is just the beginning and as you know, there is a lot more confusion, begging, lying, unwanted outbreaks of orgasms and so much more yet to come.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 640 x 360
Duration: 00:12:34
Size: 190 Mb

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