Hypnolust – Cadence Lux Clip Ten – The Book of spells SD mp4

limp - 6008 The Book of spells.mp4

Why is my thinking so slow

My name is Robot

Cadence, our self appointed and quite self-righteous young super fighter of sorts, believes that the famous “book of spells” is in my possession and there is no way that she believes me when I mention that I burned the book after memorizing all the spells and rituals. Oh well, maybe she is right but I have a feeling she will have to find that out the hard way. Anyway, the “smoke spell” quickly takes care of her little mind. Looks like our little girl is ready to be programmed.

After deleting the “human emulation program” and activating the “serving your master” program, she finally realizes that she is a robot. I am not human, my name is robot master. Of course we have to make sure that she is not human and one of the test would be to place a powerful thrusting vibrator on her clit without activating her arousal program, meaning, she is not allowed to feel and or show any reaction what so ever. Poor thing, I know, but as mentioned, we have to make sure that she only responds to programming. Of course there is a lot more to come. Really hot one.

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