Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures – Poison Ivy Ludella Hahn Suking Kisses Power SD mp4

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In this episode from my Poison Ivy parody series, YOU are the hero…but you never really have much of a chance…not against Poison Ivy and her powerful kisses. She’s tricked you into getting top secret information for her (as Dr. Isley) and once you deliver, she hits you with some “love dust,” blowing it in your face. Now you won’t struggle against won’t fight it when she takes down her hair, removes her glasses, and strips out of her lab coat to reveal the seductive curves of Poison Ivy beneath. She kisses you again and again with a special lipstick that is making you fall deeper and deeper under her spell. She calls you her test subject and says she’s sucking out your powers…your lifesource. You’re like putty in her hands…or lips. She kisses and kisses, showing her tongue, licking. “Let me let you in on a little secret…I’m toxic, baby. I’m a poison you can’t kick…a drug… You’ll think of me always…because nothing well ever satisfy the way that I do…my big breasts pressed against you…my big juicy lips…Mmmmm…” She plants wet kisses on you, sucking away and absorbing all your strength. And when she’s satisfied, she tells you that you now belong to her… Even if you could fight back…would you? 😉

Format: mp4
Resolution: 850 x 480
Duration: 01:09:06
Size: 590 Mb

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