Girls Gone Hypnotized – Pleasure Unit 667 written by Robotmaster SD mp4

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Amanda has come looking for her two friends who recently went missing after visiting this man’s apartment. Little does she know that they were each brainwashed and programmed to become his personal pleasure units – and she’s about to join them.

Soon her mind will be empty and wiped blank. Only thoughts of obedience and servitude will remain. She will soon mindlessly do anything her companion commands.

Lengthy brainwashing scene using a spinning spiral pattern and an electronic voice
Lots of programmed mantras repeated
Made to walk sexy and slowly as she repeats her mantras
Fully undressed
Virtual implied scene (camera on bottom; no real sex, no male nudity)

Format: mp4
Resolution: 858 x 480
Duration: 00:20:15
Size: 115 Mb

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