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Remember the days when those Russian sites were the only place to find taboo content? No subtitles, and unless you spoke the language, you couldn’t understand a word. Was that really her step-father or just some old dude who escaped from the nursing home? You could never actually tell. “Sexy Clothes” is an homage to those sites with two “Russians,” speaking in English. Maybe step-dad sounds a little too much like Mr. Chekov from Star Trek at times, but c’mon, suspend your disbelief. It’s all in good fun Smile

This particular pappy’s nerdy bookworm of a step-daughter has a date she wants to look sexy for. And since her step-mother ran away 10 years ago, she only has step-dad to turn to for fashion advice. She tries on many different outfits for him, that she thinks are hot. Sometimes her ass is hanging out the bottom of her tight shorts. Sometimes he sees the side of her breast when she’s changing her top. He starts to get aroused by his own step-daughter’s young, firm, voluptuous body. He hides it the best he can, but imagine his shock when she puts on a flimsy nightie, and tells him that there really is no date. She just planned this whole sexy fashion show to seduce him.

He resists her advances, but when she sits across from him on the couch playing with her pussy, it’s just too much. He lends a hand, putin-ing his finger in there, hoping an orgasm will cool her down and bring an end to this taboo encounter. But that hope is short-lived, as she starts sucking on his step-daddy-dick. He hopes then that he will cum quickly from his step-daughter’s sweet blow job before things escalate further. But there’s no russian’ his orgasm, and she mounts his rock hard pappy-penis, riding it like a cossack. Still he can’t get no satisfaction, even when she sticks his dick up her tight virgin asshole. Step-father finally finds relief, when he busts a big creamy load all over his step-daughter’s pretty bespectacled face. It kind of looks like someone spilled a white Russian on her.

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