Toughest assignment ever Agent 32GG FullHD 1080p

limp - 6342 Agent 32GG.mp4

This was a custom video but No names were used. . . . . . . You are secret agent 32GG and are being sent in to do your toughest assignment ever. Your mission is to extract top secret information from the evil Professor Big. Unfortunately, normal interrogation techniques will not work on Professor Big because the top secret information is in a microchip that has been injected into his cock and can only be extracted by making Professor Big have an ejaculation of massive proportions. When you walk in the room Professor Big laughs because he only sees a beautiful woman, but little does he know that beyond the angelic face are the big tits of a stone cold assassin. From reading the dossier on Professor Big you know that he has only one weakness – woman with extremely large natural tits. Your job is to use any means to extract this information using your many talents. You know that the only way you will get the information is by making his cock explode with the biggest ejaculation possible because his mind will turn to mush. So knowing that Professor Big has this weakness you begin to caress your tits over your clothing while rubbing up against him and talking dirty to him. Very slowly, you begin to take all of your clothes off while you continue to touch every part of your body while focusing on your tits. As his cock begins to grow more and more you order him to take his cock out and begin to stroke. While this is going on you continue to play with your whole body. Beginning to get excited yourself you climb on top of him and begin to ride him. Then when you see the moment is right, you begin to tittyfuck him because you know that will send him over the edge. Sure enough he shoots the microchip along with an enormous load of cum all over your tits. Professor Big is now just devastated and you can only offer him your best seductive smile. Yes, super secret agent 32GG has saved the world again from a sticky situation

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:17:48
Size: 2557 Mb

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