Sarah Calanthe – I am your religion Mindfuck 4k 2160p

limp - 6356 I am your religion.mp4

The moment you met me, something changed. You were overcome with a feeling you’d never had before. An urge, a longing, a thirst… At first you couldn’t quite place it. A woman had never made you feel that way before. But that’s just the thing. I’m not a woman. I’m a Goddess. Your Goddess. That feeling you discovered? It’s because your purpose in this life is to be my servant. To cater to my every need, to follow my every command, to satisfy my every desire. Without questioning, without doubt. Nothing else matters anymore. All that matters is serving me. I am your religion. In a way, your life is much easier now. Distractions like girlfriends and friends are no longer important to you. Resistance is futile, because I am more powerful than you could possibly know. But you don’t want to resist, anyway, because you’ve found your true destiny – to worship me. Do you know where my power comes from? It comes from somewhere warm, pink, wet… That’s right. My divinity comes from my Goddess pussy. All of my slaves are drawn to this source of unlimited power – it’s irresistable to you. Very occasionally, I invite one of my servants to experience her divinity up close. But only the most devout followers will ever have this chance. But no matter how small the chance, I know it will motivate you to be the best possible slave you can be. Because if you please me well enough… One day I might fuck you.

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