Tracy Jordan World of Fetish Kymberly Jane – Mental Relaxation Techniques with Dr.Nick HD 720p

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Two business professional women (Tracy Jordan and Kymberly Jane) enter a room and are invited to sit down on the sofa in front of Dr. Nick. The women explain how impressed they are with his new book on mental relaxation techniques. The doctor shows them a device he has been developing to promote mental relaxation and he has them turn it on and stare at it. However, the device is actually a mind controlling device that the doctor is using to put the women under a trance. While staring at the twirling flashing lights, the women become wide-eyed and get a silly grin on their face. The doctor then commands Tracy and Kym to do a bunch of different actions while under his trance. They obey every command with wide-eyed blank stares and big smiles. The doctor commands the women to pose each other like mannequins, walk around like robots while saying “eenie eenie”, dance like ballerinas and pile over and over. The women are told to play patty cake and then play patty cake in super fast, sped up motion. They are also told to dance at regular speed and then super speed. They wind each other up like wind-up dolls and scuttle across they room. They waddle around like penguins and are told to act like targets in a carnival game. The women do every command the doctor gives them, not knowing they are under trance. The doctors final command is to have the women freeze each other and remove each others clothing. The doctor admires their beautiful naked bodies and then has them get dressed again, but in each other’s clothes. Once Tracy and Kym are dressed, the doctor brings them out of the trance telling them that they will not remember anything that happened. They will think they just had a nice long talk about mental relaxation techniques. When the women come out of their trance they seem a little confused looking at each other in opposite outfits, but Dr. Nick’s programming worked and they don’t mention anything. They thank Dr. Nick and leave happy and unaware of everything they had just done.

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