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The mighty Huntress has tracked her latest quarry back to his luxury apartment. It seems his life of crime and wanton destruction has paid rather well. Her rage bubbles over as she anticipates this horrible criminal’s karmic reckoning. It seems she’s gotten a little ahead of herself; although the tall and beautiful Huntress could easily make mincemeat of this smug crook, he has an ace in the hole. He informs her that he has discovered the secret identities of her loved ones and has taken them hostage. If the Huntress harms a single hair on this scumbag’s head, he will have her family dropped into a vat of acid!

Huntress quakes with fear and anguish for her suffering loved ones. It can’t be true! But, she can’t chance calling the madman’s bluff. She slowly realizes that he holds all the cards. The criminal smiles and orders his new thrall to strip for him… slowly. Reluctantly, the gorgeous amazon slips out of her tight costume; naked save for her knee-high leather boots. She spins slowly so that her evil captor can take in her incredible body. Feeling his cock throb in his pants, the criminal orders Huntress on her knees… it’s time she sucked off her new master.

Her eyes full of tears, the Huntress realizes she has no choice and begrudgingly complies. Sliding down his black trousers, she takes the villain’s vile pecker in her mouth and slurps obediently. She knows she must do a good job to save her family –no teeth. Letting her beastlike instincts take over, Huntress drools and slurps hungrily down the full length of the villain’s shaft, even slobbering on his balls. He holds the back of her head firmly, letting her gag for what feels like an eternity, before ordering her to turn around and ride him.

She’s already come this far, so the Huntress obeys. Her fat ass bounces up and down in the villain’s lap, while he roughly fondles her clit and boobs. Huntress feels her eyes welling with tears once again, she almost forgot herself and started enjoying this! Then, she remember her family again. This villain better keep his word! Suddenly, the crook throws her to the bed and thrusts himself deep inside her. After several hard strokes, she feels a warm goo fill her pussy. The evil scum has creampied her! Immediately, he informs her that her work is not done… and her family is not yet safe. She will be his sex slave for quite some time.

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