GG Fetish Media – Freya’s Slave Training 4k 2160p

limp - 6547 Freyas Slave Training.mp4

Freya is all dressed up in sexy lingerie, waiting for her husband to get home so she can surprise him. But instead a robber enters the home and demands money. He makes Freya handcuff herself. When she refuses to give him anything, he finds a pocket watch and realizes it has no value other than to hypnotize her with. If he can’t leave with any cash, he will at least turn Freya into his hypnotized slave.

Handcuffed then hypnotized with a pocket watch.
While asleep in a trance, Freya repeats back her commands.
Must answer “yes master”.
Must walk like a zombie in her heels and handcuffs. Mindlessly chants her mantra.
Put into a leash and collar. Freya’s ass is grabbed and slapped while on her hands and knees.
Walked to the couch on her leash. Focuses on the pocket watch while receiving more programming.
When Freya comes out of her mindless state, she begs to be controlled. She wants to obey and worship her master.
Commanded to rub herself and get aroused.
Made to dance and grind into her master’s lap. Choked and pulled with her leash on her her master’s lap.
Made to strip naked and get in her master’s lap.
Freya has sex with the robber while under hypnosis. (Simulated only. No real sex or male nudity.)
Full nude.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duratio: 00:20:11
Size: 1.71 Gb

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