Peachy Keen Films – Daizy Cooper – Police Betrayal HD 720p

limp - 6594 Police Betrayal.mp4

Detective Daizy Cooper is pursuing a perp into his hideout. With her gun out and up, the sexy cop methodically scans the corners of each room for signs of the dangerous criminal. Despite her discipline training, the crook gets the drop on her. He orders her to drop her weapon. then forces her to strip for his amusement! Terrified, the young detective has no choice but to comply. Although she reluctantly obeyed his commands, the dastardly criminal still shoots poor Daizy in the back. A round from his silenced pistol tears through her torso and out her beautiful chest. She turns around, gaping at the wound in disbelief, before dropping to the floor. Her agony isn’t over yet. The perverted killer roughly inserts the barrel of his pistol into her tight little cunt! Daizy is in a state of shock. Before she can process what’s happening, he fires the gun into her pussy at point blank range! The killer is aroused from his torturous acts. He strips off his clothes and takes advantage of the dying detective. His cock slides into her ailing twat, lubricated by blood.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:12:35
Size: 274 Mb

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