Girls Gone Hypnotized – Kami – Science Project HD 720p

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Kami is home from college for the holidays and her younger brother wants to share his science fair project with his hot sister. He tells his sister that the project is a device that allows him to control people’s minds. Naturally she does not believe him; until she puts it on. Seconds after being activated, the device takes over Kami’s mind, putting her completely under her brother’s control. She is now his slave and will do anything he tells her to do – no matter how perverted it may be.

Pre-induction talk.
Fingers-stuck focus test.
“Balloon and bucket” focus test.
Instructed to pick a spot on the ceiling and focus on it. Taken into a deep relaxation and guided into trance by hypnotist’s voice and visualization.
Told to close her eyes and see herself in third person being hypnotized by a pocket watch.
Whenever she sees a pocket watch, she is hypnotized by it. She must stop whatever she is doing and watch it swing back and forth.
Given a trigger that instantly returns her back down to a deeply hypnotized state any time when she hears the word “sleep” and we snap our fingers.
Whenever Kami is hypnotized, she must obey our commands. She is made to feel submissive.

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