Peachy Keen Films – Melody Parker – Babysitting for Uncle Eddie HD 720p

limp - 6619 Babysitting for Uncle Eddie.mp4

Eddie comes back to find his 18yo niece napping on the couch. She is so hot. He decides to sneak a peak. She has been babysitting for him for a few years now and he can’t wait to see what’s under her coveralls. But, she wakes up before he can get much of a look. Luckily, he does not get caught, but now-blue balls. She is coy and cute as she asks for her payment and he thinks she is hitting on him, so he insinuates they do more. Wrong. So wrong. She thinks..YUCK..and Eddie’s embarrassment turns to anger as she implies she might tell his wife. It a scuffle, she falls back against the fireplace brick and is knocked out. He looks at the passed out teen on the couch and hopes she won’t remember anything when she wakes. Until then, time for some more fine. He gets to the point of almost fucking her and.she wakes up. FIGHTING. He struggles quickly to subdue her and ends up strangling her.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 660
Duratio: 00:22:25
Size: 1118 Mb

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