Countess Jezebeth – Resist The Spy FullHD 1080p

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Countess Jezebeth is the type of spy that runs her own missions completely. She gets her way no matter what. She does whatever she has to do as long as she is getting something out of it. She often goes on self-fulfilling side missions when she is bored. Sometimes she has to play double agent, sometimes she has to play nice. But mostly, she effortlessly mesmerize and weaken everyone in her path. Especially men like you. You’re security, guarding the vault that she wants to get inside of. But just like that vault, she can get inside you too. All she needs is a simple code. You have the code and you refuse to give it up easy. But luckily, she has the code to your mind. All it takes is tying you up & one unzip of the pants. Still, you think you can resist, you’re putting up a fight. But she completely bombards you with her mesmerizing powers and deep blue eyes. She wipes your mind, strokes your cock, and makes you fucking dumb for her. Each stroke is unlocking parts of you that you’ve never had cracked. She makes you a mess. You get dizzy, helpless and confused. Nothing matters in the end…as she knows you will give her the code. You’ll barely remember a thing. Oh, and perhaps you may want to consider getting another job. You really suck at this one.

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