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Sister Alisha has been having impure thoughts and dreams about Sister Jennifer. She confesses to Sister Jennifer and asks for a divine intervention. Jennifer uses her cultish powers to put Alisha into a trance. She attempts to drive this spirit of lust from her, but soon, she too succumbs to it’s lustful influence. With Alisha still obedient and under her control, Jennifer uses her body to satisfy these unclean urges.

Jennifer puts Alisha in a trance with her cultish powers. Alisha is under Jennifer’s mind control for the remainder of the session.
Alisha must repeat Jennifer’s programming.
Jennifer sees that Alisha is starting to fight her programming so she strips her nude to get all of the “worldly” out.
Alisha must call Jennifer “mistress”.
Jennifer rubs Alisha’s naked body while trying to exorcise her demon of lust.
Jennifer tries to spank out Alisha’s lustfull demon, but then becomes posessed herself. Jennifer is filled with an intense lust for Alisha.
Jennifer begins making out with Alisha.
Jennifer commands Alisha to take off her thong, then rub her tits.
Alisha is made to show her ass to Jennifer then crawl along the ground while Jennifer plays with herself.
Jennifer makes Alisha kiss between her thighs and lick between her legs. (Simulated only)
The church bells wake the girls out of their lustful trance.
Full nude.

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