Entrancement UK – Maddy & Lexi Luna Entranced Part 1 FullHD 1080p

limp - 6804 Lexi Luna Entrance.mp4

Awesome training session with two absolutely stunning ladies. Lexi Luna’s attitude bounces between ice queen, bimbo and brainless dolly (and man does she go brainless!) depending on what commands she’s receiving, and Maddy switches into submissive slavegirl mode hard the instant Lexi starts domming her. Of course it all transforms into brattishness and sass the instant it’s time for the tables to turn.

Bimbofication, Booty Shaking, Memory Play, Mindlessness, Strength Control (Lexi Luna’s absolutely ripped, so it’s only fair we even the odds by making Maddy seem stronger) and the steamiest G/G kissing scenes I’ve ever filmed!

Director’s Choice

0:10 Introducing Maddy to Lexi Luna
1:58 Maddy’s BTS camera woes
3:00 Requests from the audience, past session
4:30 Negotiation
5:45 Induction
16:02 Floating Hands
20:45 Mentally Blindfolded
23:10 Transfixed by the Flame
25:15 Five Finger Countdown
29:00 Mental On Off Trigger
30:00 Mindless Mantras
31:10 Interacting with their mindless friend
34:00 Mindless “StripSearch” Pose
34:34 “Replay” Trigger
35:40 Minds Off. Adjusting Maddy’s Reaction
36:20 Maddy enjoys spanking mindless Luna
37:30 Replaying those spanking sensations
38:30 Maddy’s turn to be mindless
39:15 Doggy Distraction
40:30 Luna plays with mindless Maddy
41:47 Replaying Luna’s Strokes for Maddy
42:35 Mindless Maddy Puppet Poses
43:45 Adjusting Luna’s Attitude
47:20 Memory Play: Luna’s never met Maddy
49:45 Memory Play: Maddy’s never met Luna
51:25 Memories: Luna is Maddy’s Mistress
53:15 Both Believe they’re the Mistress
53:50 Mistress Luna can’t control her body
55:30 Luna’s voice becomes more Bimboesque
56:45 Bimbo Luna adores obeying Miss Maddy
57:45 Breast Inspection Trigger
1:00:00 Coming to their senses

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 01:00:00
Size: 1733 Mb

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