Entrancement UK – Tindra’s Slave Training part 1 FullHD 1080p

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Tindra’s a lovely leggy, beautiful, submissive brunette from Iceland with a totally wild side!

She came highly recommended by Honour May, and you can clearly see why. Tindra’s very creative, deeply submissive, and the perfect subject when it comes to any form of dominance, mental manipulation or mind control.

She is everything you could ask for in a glamorous assistant, and there are countless awesome little touches that you only get from the most responsive of subjects:

She’s constantly doing her best to arouse, surrender and entertain, and any time she’s praised or given pleasure, a huge beaming smile comes to her face…but when her mind’s turned off, she becomes totally expressionless, doll-like and vacant. Mmf!

Within 3 minutes of me starting my induction, she was unable to open her eyelids, with her face alternating between a confused little frown, a happy smile, and passive blankness.

At times as she enters trance or teases herself, her eyes naturally roll back and unfocus and you can clearly see how completely she’s losing control.

Her voice whilst under is soft, submissive, and then she’ll wake acting lively and natural without any apparent knowledge of what she was doing a moment ago. Some of the hottest pendant training and mantra scenes I’ve filmed,

On a couple of occasions she freezes so completely that her eyes tear up and she has tears running down her cheek n over her lips.

And on waking near the orgasm blaster part of the session she doesn’t even realise she’s naked till I ask her to look down. Her reaction is priceless!

Brilliant subject, can’t wait to have her back. Director’s Choice!

0:00:10 Meet Tindra!
0:07:23 Fixation Induction
0:11:03 Eyes too heavy to open already!
0:14:00 trance
0:15:00 Wakes too floppy to move or speak!
0:16:40 Mannequin Trance
0:20:00 Awake submissive and flirtatious
0:22:30 Amnesia
0:25:00 Mind Sucking Lens
0:26:30 Repeat after me… mantras
0:28:15 Pendant Training Trigger
0:30:00 Doesn’t believe she’s been under
0:30:30 Blanks and obeys any time she sees the Pendant
0:35:55 Frozen SexDoll Pose Play
0:39:05 Frozen eyes tear up
0:44:30 “Bound” Trigger
0:46:20 Adjustable Ticklishness
0:47:15 Mental Block: Thoughts trigger tickles
0:48:50 No interest in undressing… till the bell rings
0:53:00 Triggered to Pose (in Underwear)
0:56:55 Bell makes her strip all the way nude
0:58:14 Triggered to Pose (Nude)
0:59:50 Erotic Pendant Mantras
1:01:00 Wants to play more than ever… but can only tease

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