Kitty LeRoux – Tabaxi Catgirl DnD Magic Control Pet Play FullHD 1080p

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You’re friends with a hot girl and managed to get her excited about learning to play Dungeons and Dragons with you. You know she has an affinity for cats, so you suggest a Tabaxi Warlock- she’s all about it, except she’s not sure how to really play a warlock and where they get their magic from. You gleefully tell her they have a patron (you) who gives them their power. She’s going to have to beg from you, her Master in front of everyone – she’s a bit unsure, but is actually all for it. When she begins asking about spells, that’s when the real magic happens. You hand her a parchment scroll and she begins to read the spell in character, unknowingly actually casting a spell that puts her under your control. She really believes you are her Master, and she really believes she’s a cat/human species. You test out the integrity of the spell with a few simple request- and she does all of them, ending up completely naked in front of you. She plays with her wet pussy and BEGS you to give her power, BEGS you to get your cock out so she can suck on you. During the best blowjob of your life, she between purring and begging, she begins having moments of clarity– the spell is wearing off, but you haven’t cum yet! The blowjob gets more and more intense and you have to cum! It’s in her mouth and it’s all over her face. You tell her to put her clothes back on, and although confused, your tabaxi girl does as she’s told- the whole time happily holding on to your precious-powerful cum in her mouth. The spell is going to wear off at any moment!!

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