Entrancement UK – Natalia Entranced 13 FullHD 1080p

limp - 6988 Natalia Entranced 13.mp4

Natalia Forrest returns for her 13th mind control session.

Lots of spacing out, freezing and confusion in this one as Natalia finds herself filled with strange compulsions, including RESUME THE POSITION (Where she returns to the last post she was frozen in) and the MENTAL LEASH (Where she can’t move more than 1 meter away from me…)

We shot this before social distancing. Obviously. 😛

0:00:20 Introduction
0:06:20 Induction
0:16:33 Haven’t started yet, who pinched me!?
0:20:35 Mannequin
0:24:01 FREEZE, Hat Thief!
0:26:27 Natalia LOVES (No, HATES!) the Hat
0:30:47 Possessed Socks
0:35:06 Rigid & Locked
0:36:48 Snap into Position
0:40:00 These Clothes are Hideous!
0:42:02 Posing Sex Doll
0:49:42 Mindless Masturbation
0:57:05 Submission Positions & Mantras
1:02:02 Orgasm Denial
1:06:10 Mirror Switch
1:11:40 Talia-Bot
1:15:43 Mental Leash
1:17:35 TaliaBot Dance Mode
1:19:46 Girlfriend Mode Switch

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 01:23:52
Size: 2021 Mb

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