GG Fetish Media – Jennifer’s Brainwashing Experience HD 720p

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Girls Gone Hypnotized

Jennifer has caught the attention of a man who would love to turn her into his sex slave. He surprises her at her front door one day and overpowers her. She comes to with a VR headset on her eyes, and headphones covering her ears. Jennifer must sit through a training sequence where she will be converted into a sex-craving slut who will obey her master’s every command.

Jennifer is knocked out with chloroform.
Jennifer wakes up with a VR headset over her eyes and headphones over her ears.
She tries to get up, but is threatened by the intruder.
Slowly the spirals in her headset hypnotize her, and Jennifer becomes calm and docile.
She repeats back the commands she receives through her headphones.
Must answer, “yes master” when given commands.
Becomes aroused as she receives her slut programming.
Sleepwalks in circles while repeating mantras from her programming.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:21:42
Size: 356 Mb

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